Stirrup Spacers


  • For fast accurate simultaneous positioning of inner and outer mesh or spi l reinforcement cages in double cage pipe.
  • Stirrup spacers hook onto the inner cage and snap lock firmly onto the outer cage to form a rigid integral unit of reinforcement while spacing against the form surface to achieve the specified concrete cover.
  • Stirrup action between cages resists pipe shear and tensile stresses at critical locations increasing pipe strength.
  • Stirrup spacers can be used in packerhead, vibration, and wet cast production of circular and elliptical pipe.
  • Stock sizes are available for B-wall and C-wall thicknesses from 3'' to 10'' at ¼” increments. Larger sizes can be manufactured quickly upon request.
  • For tightness across cages, stock sizes A=2" (36B) and larger are manufactured 1/8” less than the "A" size listed.
  • Stirrup spacers are manufactured from #3 GA. (0.243" DIA.) Bright basic wire to A.S.T.M. A-82 specifications.

All products manufactured in the U.S.A.

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