Snap Spacers

The fast, accurate and safe way to position mesh reinforcement in small and medium diameter concrete pipe and manholes.

One snap spacer applied every 12" to 18" around the top and bottom of the reinforcement cage will space the reinforcement from the form surface for the desired concrete cover and prevent the cage from shifting during pipe production.

Snap spacers are available for use on 2", 3", and 4" mesh spacings and provide concrete cover ranging from ½" to 2" at ¼" increments. "s" series will attach to a w7.5 wire maximum.


  • Quick snap lock attachment.
  • No tools, special skills, welding, cutting or bending.
  • Saves time and labor.
  • Assures exact concrete cover every time.
  • No sharp points to cut workers, cause flat tires or damage forms.
  • Does not tangle: easy to remove from container and attach.
  • "Dome" nose makes one point of contact with the form.

All products manufactured in the U.S.A.

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